Business to Business ADR

    Over the past ten years we have dealt with more than 1.3m million complaints and disputes. Thousands of these cases have been between commercial businesses, including small and medium enterprises trading with some of the UKs leading energy, communications, music recording and property portfolios. Recently they have included some of the most recognisable household names in retail.

    We now bring a comprehensive Business to Business Mediation Service to the market, and in the coming months we will add new, innovative services facilitating and deciding on the resolution of commercial disputes across the UK and Ireland.

    We won’t blind you with rules and red tape, our offering is simple. We aren’t limited to who we work with or what procedures we use, we are here to make commercial dispute resolution as simple for you as possible – we give you access, choice, flexibility and quality at a very competitive price.

    To find out more please take a look around our site. If you are a business which already participates in one of our existing services and would like to know more, please contact your Relationship Manager.

    Check out our Small Business Service.

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